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“The Art of Teaching” course revolves around making sure you know that you are not the only one struggling and striving to improve the future of our students - this is a collective effort.  Therefore, through this interdependent venture, we hope to learn, laugh, lament, and love together.  


This course provides implementable skills and procedures to improve teachers’ classroom skills to decrease their stress.  This class is created for those in the education field who want to perfect their craft and decrease/prevent burnout through understanding the five principles of inspiration as according to the book, “The Art of Teaching”.


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Class Academic, Behavior Expectations and The Art of War

Class Academic, Behavior Expectations and The Art of War

The Dao: Why Are You Teaching?

The Commander: Who Are You As the Classroom Leader?

The Law: The Governance of Your Students

Heaven and Earth: Surroundings and Structure of Your Classroom

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