You are a hot classroom commodity!


But, in the classroom, you are not using your full potential because of outside factors and you may be at risk of getting burned out. Your health is your wealth! Take action now on you can prevent severe burnout. Let's explore some viable career options where you can use your value where you can shine. 

Free training webinar video

on how to plan your exit strategy to something that is more fulfilling for you.

+ free training resource at the end. 



“Straight Outta Classroom”, aims to assist educators to know how to transition

out of the classroom setting and into a job that fits their skill set and values.

This class is created for those in the education field who are interested

in exploring other professions but may not know how to make the transition. 

This course will alleviate insecurities about taking the jump out of the K-12 sector

through the provided knowledge and practical skills.

Self-paced Course for Getting Out of the Classroom

Discover the job market's desired skills that teachers already use

Become aware of your assets to serve your occupational purpose

Fine-tune your financial planning for your classroom exit

Leverage technology to standout from the crowd to potential employers

Turn your gained knowledge into an organized, definite plan of action

Learning and organizational tools for your exit from the classroom

Facebook community of cohorts who feel similar about their desire to leave the classroom



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