Ever since my third year of college, I have been leading teachers in professional development sessions that give them something they can use.  I wrote “The Art of Teaching” with these professional development classes in mind. Professional development sessions must be engaging and profound - that is what I aim for when I conduct classes for educators.


Vanguard Teaching PDs are useful, entertaining, and cater to the needs of the population it teaches.  The PD topics range from motivational presentations, boosting teacher confidence, improving campus communication skills, and other vital topics needed for a more effective staff and faculty.

Professional development sessions should not be a dreaded event and a bad word.  Vanguard Teaching PDs are something for teachers to look forward to for guidance and motivation.


Our professional development classes ensure that teachers leave feeling confident and better equipped to conquer the challenges in front of them.  Let’s upgrade your educators’ professional skills for solving pressing challenges while having fun.

Reward your campus’ educators with innovative, practical, and exciting professional development sessions.