Fish are the last to discover water.  My multiple, in-depth experiences in private, public and start-up companies have equipped with a unique perspective on assessing campus needs.  I like to observe and listen to help cultivate solutions. 


To uncover solutions specifically for your school, I must explore and analyze the school from a holistic perspective.  During the Vanguard Consultation, I will spend a few days visiting the school to observe daily operations, interviewing inhabitants (faculty, staff, students, parents, and administrators), disseminating and disaggregating survey data, and researching school/community history.  After my data collection, I will create and present pragmatic solutions for cost-effective improvement. After deciding which trainings, PDs, programs, etc. to implement on campus, I will assist with carrying out the vision for positive growth.

A full diagnostic assessment of your school will produce an individualized improvement plan to follow.  With this service, you will get a highly qualified educational professional who will identify and walk you through the steps to success.   

Our vantage point will offer useful perspectives that your school will appreciate.  Let’s get to work!