Your teaching style is Bruce Lee!


You are very adaptable to any situation.  You have laser focus, you are friendly, philosophical and have the ability to gain the trust of your students based on what you say and do.  Be water, my friend! 


Bruce Lee is a legend in the world of martial arts because of his innovative philosophies and ability to challenge the status quo on the teaching of martial arts (many fellow Asian martial artists vehemently disagreed with him teaching Westerners).  Conventions be damned! Bruce invented his own style of fighting called jeet-kune-do which is a precursor to mixed martial arts due to its philosophy of being adaptable to any situation. Be shapeless and formless...like water! 

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The Art of Teaching is like a martial art - everyone has his/her style.  What’s more, just like martial artists on the movie screen, teachers also have their style on exhibit in front of an audience.  Is the teaching style captivating? Is it inspiring? Has it been mastered? Most importantly, is the teacher even self-aware of his/her teaching style?  


Educators today are getting lost in the minutiae of gimmicky methods that become obsolete as society changes - and once their methods become obsolete, effectiveness declines.  As effectiveness in the classroom decreases, stress from students, parents, administrators, and society in general increases exponentially. There are an infinite amount of skills and methods - but there are only a few principles that you, the educator, need to know to capture the hearts and minds of your students.  


It starts with knowing who you are as an educator to then know how to inspire your students.  In martial arts, self-discipline and mastery of the self are the foundation to success - this is no different from the teacher.


The Art of Teaching is the go-to manual for helping teachers understand how to win over the hearts and minds of their students. The Art of Teaching presents five guiding elements of effective teaching: the Dao, command, law, heaven, and earth. If these elements are fully understood and advantageously utilized by the teacher, then they will lead their students to victory. 


Inspired by Sun Tzu's classic book The Art of War, The Art of Teaching provides pragmatic philosophies, skills, tactics, and strategies for teachers so that they may create a more caring, more creative, and more cohesive classroom.  Entrepreneurs and CEOs have already enthusiastically and effectively incorporated the essential applicable principles of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War into their fields of work. Now it's time for teachers to benefit from these ancient lessons. The Art of Teaching applies The Art of War’s five elements of warfare to the context of the twenty-first-century classroom.


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Class Academic, Behavior Expectations and The Art of War

Class Academic, Behavior Expectations and The Art of War

The Dao: Why Are You Teaching?

The Commander: Who Are You As the Classroom Leader?

The Law: The Governance of Your Students

Heaven and Earth: Surroundings and Structure of Your Classroom

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