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Wake up teachers, we have the Internet! 

Students do not want a teacher who gives them information: they desire an inspirational classroom commander. Now, more than ever, educators must inspire their students to achieve their personal and collective victories. 


The Art of Teaching is the go-to manual for helping teachers understand how to win over the hearts and minds of their students.

The Art of Teaching presents five guiding elements of effective teaching: the Dao, command, law, heaven, and earth.  If these elements are fully understood and advantageously utilized by the teacher, then they will lead their students to victory.  Inspired by Sun Tzu's classic book The Art of War, The Art of Teaching provides pragmatic philosophies, skills, tactics, and strategies for teachers so that they may create a more caring, more creative, and more cohesive classroom.


Entrepreneurs and CEOs have already enthusiastically and effectively incorporated the essential applicable principles of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War into their fields of work. Now it's time for teachers to benefit from these ancient lessons. The Art of Teaching applies The Art of War’s five elements of warfare to the context of the twenty-first-century classroom.



Jason Hayes is the founder of Vanguard Education and the author of The Art of Teaching: The 5 Elements to Inspire.  As a researcher, inspirational speaker, and author, Jason aims to inspire businesses, organizations, and schools to be comfortable with change and the unknown in order to achieve personal and organizational goals.  Jason has the magnetic gift of connecting to, energizing, and inspiring various audiences. Mr. Hayes’ 3Rs “Rewind, Review, and Renew” method is a paradigm for organizational and personal change through recognizing and understanding history.

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Professional Development


Ever since my third year of college, I have been leading teachers in professional development sessions that give them something they can use.  Vanguard Teaching PDs are useful, entertaining, and cater to the needs of the population it teaches. The PD topics range from motivational presentations, boosting teacher confidence, improving campus communication skills, and other vital topics needed for a more effective staff and faculty.  Reward your campus educators with innovative, practical, and exciting professional development sessions.

Vanguard Training


The Vanguard Training system involves 4-12 hours of hands-on learning that will result in the acquisition of new strategies and paradigms to use immediately to increase scholastic performance.  We will assess the needs of your campus and create a differentiated training program that helps to address the most pressing issues the critical mass of teachers are facing. Properly training campus personnel is equivalent to updating technology software.  Stay updated and get upgraded with the Vanguard training program. 



The eyes of an outsider can provide you valuable insights to things that you may take for granted. During the Vanguard Consultation, I will spend a few days visiting the school to observe daily operations, interviewing inhabitants (faculty, staff, students, parents, and administrators), disseminating and disaggregating survey data, and researching school/community history.  My vantage point will offer useful perspectives that your school will appreciate and improve. Let’s get to work.